Korean War Warbirds MiG 15 vs F-86 Sabre Illustration Art Print

Rivals: Korea

Cold War Era Duel for the Sikes!


These two rivals battled head to head over Korea in dogfights that were said to resemble bygone days of WWI. One was known for its speed, the other for its agility, their encounters recounted best as a "Clash of Titans". The F-86 Sabres battled the MiG-15s over North Korea, in the first jet vs. jet battles in history.




  • Listing is for print only, frame is not included
  • Print measures 12" tall x 36" wide
  • Hand drawn original illustration with digital editing
  • Professional Giclee print on Archival matte paper
  • Rolled and shipped in protective tubes
  • Worldwide shipping available



Rivalries. They can make us great or tear us apart. They can push us to the extents of our abilities, talent, and even our sanity. Without them we may not know how great we can truly be.


The Rivals Collection captures some of the greatest head to head adversaries history has witnessed. Man and machine taking to the skies and pushed to their very limit in difficult unprecedented circumstances.



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