Looking for that unique gift?

Interested in a custom order of your favorite car?
Want to customize one of the available prints or shirts?

A rough idea…

I know the first question to be asked will be “how much?”

Pricing will vary depending on the nature of the requested work and the time involved. The base price for an original print from scratch would start at $250 and depending upon the level of detailing, complexity, etc. the price could increase. Because I work in both traditional and digital media (or a combination of the two) you will receive an 11x17in professional, archival giclee print.

Looking for just a little more personalization?

I can also customize prints and shirts already available in the store (to an extent). Want some different wheels or paint schemes? Adding custom text or livery? Modifications to existing work is the way to go for much less then an original commission. 

Interested in a different size shirt (including youth sizes) or prints? 

Please feel fee to reach out and ask, I am happy to accommodate what I can. Prices will vary depending on the time and effort involved in the customization. 

See something you like on my Instagram account? No problem, I offer prints of those as well. 

I look forward to hearing from you!


Jon Kyte

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