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Hello,  welcome to The 4 Garage!

It may not be a new concept that many great things have begun in a garage. You've heard it before: bands, Fortune 500 companies... the list goes on and on. It's a place you hone your skills, make dreams into realities, and just plain hang with your best buddies. But, most importantly, it is where the human and machine are intertwined. The 4 Garage aims to be the very essence of that.

My name is Jon Kyte, and while I'm an artist and car designer by trade, it is my love for all machines that move that has driven me to create The 4 Garage.  We're talking cars, trucks, planes... even the occasional Vespa. I'm a proud owner of a 1972 MG BGT (affectionately known as Maggie G.) that I'm currently in the process of restoring. Needless to say, I have a love for the classics.

Growing up in Detroit instilled in me a love for cars. It was not uncommon to find more sketches in my schoolbooks than actual class notes. This may explain why I got more C's than A's back in the day.

While my talents led me to art school, it was my passion for car design that let me to Industrial Design. After graduating from the Transportation Design Program at the College for Creative Studies, I fully planned to be the top car designer in the world. Unfortunately, life had other plans. Timed with the Auto Industry Bailout of the late 2000's, I found myself on a whole different trajectory. Instead life brought me to North Carolina where I've had the opportunity to work on various projects in auto racing, including NASCAR and Indy Car. It has been an eye opening adventure into a whole different side of the automotive world. A journey through which I also met my wonderful wife (who is a race car aerodynamicist. I designed the cars, she tested them!).

While my career has lent itself more to the automotive side of transportation, I've always had such an admiration for military history and aircraft design. As a kid, my room was filled with both automotive models, as well as airplanes hanging from my ceiling. Those very school notebook margins that were filled with super cars and hot rods certainly had their fair share of P-40's and Mustangs. As an adult it's not uncommon to find me watching a documentary in my down time or practicing my photography skills at an air show. I just can't get enough of those true technological pioneers.


Like car culture, airplanes have such a personal connection to individuals. There is such a love and passion that people have for aircraft, especially historic planes. Families of former military pilots proudly recount tales of their loved ones glory days. I hope to share through my aircraft sketches not just an artistry, but a technical styling that has typically only been reserved for the automotive world.

Interested in me drawing your car or plane (actual or dream)? Contact me at hello@the4garage.com

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